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a life changing IT


         Tick…tack…tick…tack…says my wall clock in my room as it hit every seconds, and I am still holding my pen thinking what to write on an empty sheet for a blog topic given to us. A blog?! Yes, and questions were blowing my mind. I don’t know where to start, what to say first, and how to end, it sounds to be exciting though the challenge was banging at my door, and I have to accept it despite of all my overflowing “to-do list”…anyways thanks God for giving me the willpower to push it through. (Thanks for the thrill sir! It keeps me going 😂.)



     So, as I entered school for graduate studies, Information Technology (IT) had imparted so much in me especially that from the University to my hometown/area of work assignment, it is about a 4 to 5-hour travel particularly now that the road widening is going on, great volume of traffic becomes a time-eater zombies plus the zigzag road portions like giving me a free rides in a roller coaster! So, when I’m at work or at home, how would I know or get updates from my classmates, and professors without laptop/ cellphones, SMS, chatting facilities, emails, mobile data/internet when it comes to school matter or with my colleagues when it’s work related? There’s no need for me to use the so-called “telegrama” or even smokes signals just to communicate. Imagine without the use of technology nowadays, my life would be like in 1960’s (or even earlier…still, I am grateful for the great minds of people during those times) but now, with the presence of IT, almost everything becomes light and easy.  A life changing, indeed.

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